Ceiling Cooling

Ceiling cooling system is an energy efficient way of room climatization that provides high level of comfort. The installation is placed over the entire surface of the ceiling, so that the air is evenly cooled all over the room, without unpleasant air flows or noise. Cold air slowly comes down and reaches desired temperature.

Ceiling cooling is extremely suitable primarily for business facilities with the concept of open workspace, where there are often a large number of people and computers working in large glazed areas, as well as for cultural institutions or banks. Hidrotek KGH recommends the Rehau ceiling cooling system, which has proven to be very good for residential buildings whose users want complete comfort throughout the year. Unlike air conditioners, which often create unpleasant airflow and noise, ceiling cooling systems are silent and very economical. If necessary, the ceiling cooling system can also be used for heating.

The quality of air conditioning in the building is rounded off by a combination with an underfloor heating system, as well as wall heating and cooling. The combination of heating and cooling systems with renewable energy sources (heat pumps and/or solar systems) is an extremely energy efficient system solution. Surface heating and cooling system allows for more space and more interior design possibilities.

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