Wall Heating and Cooling

Wall heating and cooling systems provide optimal interior temperatures, all year round, with lower energy consumption. With this system, the walls are emitting heat in the winter and coolness in the summer, providing ideal feeling, without dust rising, blowing and other discomforts that may appear with traditional heating and cooling systems*.

Since the wall surface is large, the space is heated by significantly lower temperatures in the system, whereby the energy efficiency is very high. Therefore, wall heating and cooling is ideal for the use of renewable energy sources through a heat pump or solar panels, which makes buildings energy efficient.

Additional advantage of heating and cooling surface system is the absence of radiators in the space, which gives users greater freedom in arranging the space, but also reduces the risk of accidental injuries for children or the elderly. Furthermore, these systems are quiet, healthy, without harmful emissions, smells or allergens, while at the same time, costs of heating and cooling are significantly lower than with traditional ways.

Attractive and cost-effective, wall heating and cooling is also a good solution for buildings with wooden floors. It can be installed together with underfloor heating and ceiling cooling, for the best effect of climatization.

Hidrotek KGH installs Rehau heating and cooling surface systems, which are among the best modern technical solutions, providing comfort, savings and durability to users.

* Human body feels maximum comfort if at least 50% of its heat emission can be regulated via radiation. With REHAU surface cooling, the energy exchange between human and cooling surface is made over big surfaces and mainly through radiation, thus creating the optimal condition for climatization in a room.