We present you a small selection of the work we've done.

Floor and wall heating

Heat pumps

Solar systems

Internal installations

1/8Floor and wall heating Rehau
2/8Floor heating Rehau
3/8Floor heating Rehau
4/8Floor heating Rehau
5/8Floor heating Rehau
6/8Floor heating Rehau
7/8Floor heating Rehau
8/8Floor heating Rehau - Dividing cabinet
1/8Heat pump Daikin - Outdoor unit
2/8Heat pump Daikin - Outdoor unit
3/8Heat pump Daikin - Outdoor unit
4/8Heat pump Daikin - Outdoor unit
5/8Heat pump Daikin - Outdoor unit
6/8Heat pump Daikin - Indoor unit
7/8Heat pump Daikin - Indoor unit
8/8Heat pump IDM - Boiler room
1/2Solar system Sonnenkraft
2/2Solar system Sonnenkraft
1/7Apartment building - Senjak, Beograd
2/7Family house - Dedinje, Beograd
3/7Family house - Dedinje, Beograd
4/7Office building - Dedinje, Beograd
5/7Office building - Vračar, Beograd
6/7Restaurant - close to Sv. Sava temple, Beograd
7/7Family house - Kumodraž, Beograd