Fan Coil Systems - Ventiloconvectors

A new generation of fan coils is characterized by great performance and small energy consumption. They are very energy efficient since the hot/cold air is distributed through space thanks to hidden water network connected to a heat pump. Distribution of cold or warm water through units provides ideal inside temperature level, while fan coils remove the excess moisture from the air. Modern and compact design fits all spaces well. Fan coils can be combined with underfloor heating.

Wall or mounted units are placed on the wall. Elegant and slim, with silent engines, these units operate in several speed modes, regulate the air flow and eliminate the excess moisture. They need very little space.

Cassette units blow air in all directions, evenly distributing temperature inside, regulating air moisture in the same time. Compact design and very low noise level contribute to greater comfort.

Channel units are suitable for all types of spaces and can meet specific requests. They silently regulate the air flow and provide optimal cooling and heating inside.

Hidrotek KGH recommends installation of a new generation fan coils, produced by Daikin. Request a quote: