Solar systems for Heating and Sanitary Water Preparation

Energy of sun is clean, renewable and abundant. In our country, with average 2200 sun hours per year, we can use solar panels to produce almost 500-800kWh/m² of energy from the sun. Use of solar energy is highly energy efficient solution for heating the sanitary water and additional heating of space, which may cover the majority of energy needs in a house.

Sonnenkraft solar systems, recommended by Hidrotek KGH, are among the best in Europe for 25 years now, offering optimal solutions adaptable to consumer needs.

With installation of Sonnenkraft solar systems, you will provide:

  • 70 - 80% of needs for sanitary hot water
  • 30 - 50% of needs for interior heating

There's a 10 year warranty for Sonnenkraft systems, expected lifespan is 40-50 years, with a 100% efficiency in the first 25-30 years, dropping to 90% afterwards.

Solar heating systems Comfort and Comfort Plus are very economical and efficient solutions for preparation of hot water and space heating. They are designed for family houses with one or two families and can also be used to improve heating of inner and outer pools.


  • Very high level of energy efficiency, thanks to ideal temperature stratification (3 zones storage tank). Reservoir is loaded faster in the upper part, providing greater temperature differences and better heating in cold months.
  • Fresh and clean water is provided thanks to the smart module that produces hot water on demand. This way, there is no need for accumulation, which decreases the risk of pathogen developing.
  • Highly efficient pump station that adjusts water flow in order to have more economical operational mode. It has a plate for simple system control.

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